Why am I receiving an "invalid file type" error when uploading a QRDA I?

Check to make sure the file is not double zipped. If the file is double zipped, unzip once and reupload into the Registry.

Each electronic health record is different in the way it delivers a QRDA I file to a MIPS eligible clinician. One of the first steps to trouble shooting this message is determining if your QRDA file is "double zipped". To determine if your files are double zipped, double click on your QRDA file. If your folder looks similar to the Windows 10 image below, your file is likely double zipped and will need to be extracted once before uploading to the Registry.

Example of Double Zipped File



To unzip the file, click on the "Compressed Folder Tools" menu and select "Extract All" as displayed in the image below. Then select your preferred location on your computer to save the unzipped files.

Unzipping a File



Once the file has been unzipped, you can upload to the registry and attempt to process again.


For platform specific instruction on zipping and unzipping a file, visit one of the links below: