How do I interpret the PRAPARE insights?

The Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients’ Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE) is a patient reported tool to gather data to help providers act on a patients’ social determinants of health (SDOH). Understanding a patients’ SDOH can better help healthcare providers identify and target the socioeconomic drivers of poor outcomes and higher costs. It is scored on a scale of 0 to 22 with a score of 0 indicating the presence of no risks to the patients’ social determinants of health and a score of 22 indicating at least 22 risks are present.

Surveys are sent to patients that have been scheduled for a new patient visit.

Recommended for improvement activity IA_AHE_2. (Please note, as of the 2020 performance period, IA_AHE_2 is no longer an improvement activity in the MIPS program)