How do I interpret the CAHPS insights?

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) uses a proportional scoring system to display scores for composite measures. This can be helpful in seeing what percentage of your patients have rated your practice in each proportion: Top Box, Middle Proportion, and Lower Proportion.

Lower proportion answers are negative responses while middle proportion responses are neutral responses. Top box answers are positive responses as displayed in the crosswalk below.

Response Scale Type

Lower Proportion ("Bottom Box")

Middle Proportion

Top Box

Dichotomous No - Yes
Global rating 0-6 7-8 9-10
3-point response scale No Yes, somewhat Yes, definitely
4-point response scale Never, Sometime or Definitely no, Somewhat no Usually or Somewhat yes Always or Definitely yes


Responses to the AAOE Quick CAHPS survey are collected and gathered into composite proportional scores that are then displayed in Power Insights. Composites in the survey include Getting Timely Appointments, Care, and Information; Helpful, Courteous, and Respectful Office Staff; How Well Providers Communicate with Patients; Patients' Rating of Provider; Providers' Use of Information to Coordinate Patient Care.

When viewing the insights for this particular survey, you will notice three boxes labelled with the three proportions with industry averages and then the practice average in the bar graphs. These bar graphs show the patient percentages that make up each of these proportions. Higher patient satisfaction with each composite is identified by a high percentage in the Top Box graph and lower percentages in the Lower and Middle Proportion graphs. The scale of the percentages in each proportion is out of 100%.