Practice Profile

Learn how to fill out the Practice Profile section of the survey.


This section collects important contact information for the practice and data that allows for benchmarking results to be customized based on geographical location and identified practice characteristics.

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Section Overview

General Information – This section collects practice contact information.

Practice Information – The fields in this section capture practice characteristics that can be used to generate comparison groups and customized results.


Reporting Year – The most recently completed calendar year is displayed; if you use a different reporting year, change the dates displayed to indicate the start and end dates of your reporting year.

Name of Practice – Legal practice name

Mailing Address – Street address of the practice’s primary office location

City, State, ZIP – City, state, and ZIP+4 of your primary office location.

CEO/Practice Administrator– Name of the practice’s chief executive officer (CEO) or most senior practice executive, regardless of title

Managing Physician Name – Name of the practice’s managing physician

Primary Contact for Benchmarking Survey (Name, Position, Email, Phone) – Provide the name and contact information of the person responsible for completing the survey. This person will be contacted with any questions about the survey and about the availability of benchmarking results.

Number of Office Locations – Number of locations at which the practice operates. Enter a value between 1 and 100.

Population Designation of Primary Location – The size of the metropolitan area in which the practice is located.

Practice Setting – Select the option that best describes the practice

Hospital Ownership - Select an option from the list provided to indicate whether your practice is fully or partially owned by a hospital.

Lines of Service – Check the lines of service offered by your practice. Check these regardless of whether you will be reporting data on them in this survey.

Services Provided by Practice - Check the services currently provided by your practice.