Selecting Question Subjects

Learn how to filter the operations survey to only ask you the questions most relevant to your practice.

New for this year, participants have the option of shortening their survey based on the data they will be providing. Each orthopaedic practice is different so why should they all be forced to fill out the same survey? When you first click your link to open the survey, you’ll notice a pop-up appears with a list of topics on it similar to the picture displayed in Figure 1.

Survey Splash

If a topic does not apply to your practice, you may uncheck the topic. For example, your practice offers PT/OT but does not offer advanced imaging. In this case, you would leave PT/OT checked and de-select MRI. Try to limit your de-selections to only those services that do not apply to your practice; de-selecting subjects simply to make the survey shorter ultimately makes the survey results less helpful to you as you would be unable to view your practice data compared to your peers’.

If you are planning on completing the survey incrementally rather than in one sitting, the survey will remember your selections so you can pick up where you left off at a later date. If you happen to have a healthy mistrust of technology, we encourage you to make your selections and then screenshot your selections or make a list of them. If you exit out of the survey prior to finishing and de-select any of the topics, you will have to de-select them again when you return to the survey. To take a screenshot on a PC, press the Windows/Start key and Print Screen (sometimes PrntScrn). The screen will likely flicker or dim for a moment as confirmation that a screenshot was taken. Your image should be saved in your “Pictures” file folder, likely in a folder named “Screenshots”. To take a screenshot on a Mac, press Command-Shift-3 to screenshot the entire screen. Your screenshot will likely be saved to your desktop.