What's the benefit of reporting to a registry? Wouldn't it be easier to report through my EHR?

There are two main benefits of reporting your MIPS data through a registry:

  1. CMS uses historical benchmarks to score groups and clinicians reporting to the MIPS program. These benchmarks are different based on submission type. Depending on the measures being reported, higher point values may be easier to attain via registry reporting because historical benchmarks tend to be lower for registry participants. If you are unsure of which submission type will best maximize your score, email data@aaoe.net with your list of measures and let us tell you which submission type will be most advantageous for you.
  2. The measures you can report through your EHR are limited to the measures that the EHR is certified to report. These are generally only eClinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) and not all of them are relevant to orthopedics. The AAOE Empower Registry and other Qualified Registies and Qualified Clinical Data Registries can report eCQMs and MIPS CQMs. The AAOE Empower Registry supports the submission of 50+ MIPS CQMs and eCQMs so you are guaranteed to find measures that are relevant to your group's and clinicians' clinical practice.